Ensuring Properly Administered Plans

Northeast Professional Planning Group, Inc. (NPPG) provides clients with expert advice on which methods, processes, policies and plans they should consider when making financial, insurance or pension-related decisions.

Our actuarial consultants calculate and analyze statistics, make forecasts and provide the most accurate information to help clients evaluate their best options.

Retirement Plan Strategy and Design for any size company.

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NPPG Actuarial Consultants:

  • Communicate with Principal representatives and advisors to ensure a properly administered plan
  • Proactively evaluate client plans and funding policies
  • Forecast each plan’s financial needs using state-of-the-art modeling techniques and software
  • Support clients in meetings with the DOL, IRS and other government agencies
  • Provide clients with required information for financial accounting
  • Keep clients updated on legislative changes
  • Prepare and implement a voluntary correction plan, if necessary
  • Clearly communicate plan details to decision makers and employees
  • Assist with RFP’s for the selection and management of 401(k) record-keeper, custodian or other essential service providers
  • Assist with investment related governance, fostering prudent plan management for the benefit of participants

Reduce Your Financial Risk During Volatile Markets

NPPG is highly experienced in understanding how varying economic conditions may financially impact a retirement plan. We educate our clients on the methods, policies and strategies to consider when adopting a plan so that the financial integrity of the plan is protected now and in the future.

Our actuarial consultants evaluate retirement plans by applying financial theory methods and projecting variable outcomes to an acceptable level of risk. Based on the plan’s financial strategy, our actuaries analyze and calculate the financial strength of the plan to endure varying market conditions. This comprehensive risk analysis provides the plan sponsor with the ability to make informed decisions that align with the financial objectives of the plan and its participants.

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